Workforce Development

The Public Health Foundation defines workforce development as, “an attempt to improve health outcomes (i.e., healthier people) by enhancing the training, skills, and performance of public health workers.” 1 By focusing on enhancing the public health workforce, health departments are assuring a competent workforce and continuously making progress towards providing the 10 Essential Services of Public Health. To support health departments in this work, MPHI has developed and highlighted several workforce development tools, trainings, templates, and other resources.

Public Health 101 Online Training

The Public Health 101 training is a 30 minute online training designed for public health staff to increase knowledge of what public health is and does, key historical events in public health, Michigan’s public health system, services provided by local health departments, and the future of public health. The training was developed by  the MPHI Center for Healthy Communities, with support from the Southwest Michigan Regional Workforce Development Initiative Workgroup.

To visit this online training today, please click here: Public Health 101 Online Training

Michigan Public Health Finance Online Training

The Michigan Public Health Finance Training is a 20 minute online training designed to increase knowledge of the sources and types of funding that support public health, finance requirements in Michigan’s Public Health Code, budgeting basics, funding challenges, basic financial analysis, and grand development. This training was developed by the MPHI Center for Healthy Communities, with input from the Southwest Michigan Regional Development Initiative Workgroup.

To visit this online training, please click here: Michigan Public Health Finance Training.

Core Competency Assessment

Original Version of the Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals

“The Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals (Core Competencies) support workforce development within public health and can serve as a starting point for public health professionals and organizations as they work to better understand and meet workforce development needs, improve performance, prepare for accreditation, and enhance the health of the communities they serve.” 2

Modified Version of the Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals

Based on the original version of the core competencies, the modified version was develop to offer a simplified version of the core competencies for use in workforce development efforts.

Supplemental Questions

These supplemental questions include demographics of the agency and opinion questions regarding access to professional development opportunities, agency norms about professional development, and preferences for training opportunities.

Workforce Development Plan

Workforce Development Plan Template

The workforce development template provides an outline and brief description of the different sections included in the workforce development plan.

Workforce Development Plan Workbook

As a supplement to the workforce development template, the workbook provides prompting questions to spur thought around each section of the template.

Workforce Development Trainings

Core Competency Training

The Core Competency Training is a 30 minute presentation that provides a brief introduction of the Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals including; definitions, associated skills, and workplace scenario. Slides with script provided.

To view a recording of this training click here.

Additional public health training websites that allow you to search by core competencies:

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