The Office of Public Health Improvement, in partnership with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, has developed several quality improvement training documents, presentations, and webinars. The following are selected training materials that health departments have found useful.

Overview of Plan, Do, Study, and Act Cycle and related tools

An in-depth look at the steps of the PDSA cycle and tools such as Process Maps, Fishbone Diagram, Five Whys, Root Cause, and several QI tools.

PDSA Stages 2-4: Do, Study, and Act

Direction on planning for Do and Study stages and an overview of Act stage.


Performance Management Basics and Resources

An introduction to performance management, covering the basics of Performance Management, the Turning Point model, and guide to creating performance measures.

Talking to your Staff and Governing Entity about PHAB

An overview of the PHAB Accreditation process, information about roles and responsibilities for staff and the local governing entity roles and responsibilities for PHAB preparation, tips for increasing buy-in, and the costs and benefits of accreditation.

An Introduction to Logic Modeling and Story Boards

An Introduction on the basics of logic modeling and logic model components.

Survey Design Webinar

Best practices to designing and implementing surveys to collect accurate and usable data.

An Overview of Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement

A brief overview of Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement, the differences between the two, and how each relates to Accreditation.

Conference Sessions

Embracing Quality, Improving Efficiency, and Increasing Effectiveness

Michigan Premier Public Health Conference 2013, Bay City, MI: A training for public health practitioners on performance management and quality improvement.